Are you missing an opportunity?

We have been designing reports and annual reviews for many years now and one of the issues that some clients often struggle with is what visual content are they be able to provide to help illustrate the written content.

Many just do not have the budget for commissioning new photography and the constant overuse of their own in-house image resources becomes very repetitive. Some turn to image libraries which can be very useful but at the same time, runs the risk of using something that has also been associated with other organisations and/or campaigns. I also think that people these days know when something is a stock image rather than the real deal and so dilutes the brand image and values.

Most reports and reviews are stuffed with interesting facts and figures that often get lost within the body of the text but with careful, considered design, these elements can be used to great effect and brought visually to life for very little cost. These nuggets of information can be designed in a unique way that adheres to a company's brand identity and and at the same time be colourful and sometimes playful, proving to be extremely vital in helping pull out and making sense of important information to make a text-heavy document more accessible to the reader.

Now many of you already know this, but are a lot of you missing a lost opportunity by not using these visual jewels of information to make your documents work harder for your money?

We all know social media plays a big part in marketing and communications these days and again, clients often struggle with the exhausting task to create something visually eye-catching to use online in order to keep a constant presence and connect and grow with their audience. This is when these beautiful design assets come into their own. We can provide our clients with a set of these creative infographics in different formats and even animate them so that they can be used to maximise an organisations communications to help tell a story and drive people back to a company website to either download or view all the hard work that went into writing and producing the report or annual review online. And, while they are visiting the website, possibly explore more areas of content.

Now your next report or annual review doesn't need to be a boring and text heavy document that no one wants to read and you, like others, won't be missing that lost opportunity.

British Society for Rheumatology (BSR)

NEIA Audit Report

The NEIA audit aims to improve the quality of care for people living with inflammatory arthritis, collecting information on all new patients over the age of 16 in specialist rheumatology departments in England and Wales.

Ocean designed both the main 52 page and the 20 page patient report which included 20 sets of infographics that were used in a Twitter campaign for the reports launch at a recent conference and also within the launch powerpoint presentation.

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

Annual Review

We worked with the UKCISA on their 2021–2022 annual review to create a bright and engaging document helped by to designing colourful infographics for the stats and numbers. This, along with pull quotes, aids accessibility and adds visual content to what would have been a text heavy review.

The lack of available images was supplemented with a ranage of colourful infographics, pull quote boxes and back ground line illustrations which have a dual role of helping create a focal point on the page and simplifying the processing of the information.

The infographics can also be used additionally for social media marketing and promotions at virtually no additional cost.

British Accreditation Council (BAC)

Flagship corporate brochure

The brochure includes a set of infographics highlighting the BAC benefits. These were also produced as a stand-alone set of graphics which were used online and for social media.

We also created a folder with pocket which mirrors the corporate brochure.


Animated infographics

We can even bring those facts and figures to life by animating them to give them even more stand out for social media use.