Annual Report and Financial Statements

This annual report was designed in an editorial style in order to maximise its use as a hardworking financial document as well as used for marketing at events and conferences.

Presidential Address

This document was designed at the same time as the annual report and so for synergy and consistency we kept the same format, look and feel.


Brand Identity

When we began working with CIBSE, they lacked any form of brand guidelines and although they had a strong logo, we felt it necessary to create a set of guidelines which would help the organisation going forward in producing consistent looking marketing and communication material.

Online learning identity

An identity for CIBSE’s online learning training courses. The identity needed to be flexible enough to work on a variety on formats from postcards and adverts to printed course information and online web and printed pop-up banners.

The idea is based on building blocks as well as computer key board tiles which can be used in different colours to reflect heat, green energy and water etc. Images and words can also work within the blocks to add more emphasis.