The Football Foundation

The UK’s biggest sports charity committed to investing over £50m a year in grass roots and community projects to transform and modernise the national game.

The annual reports for the Football Foundation and the Football Stadia Improvements Fund were designed to be a colourful celebration of grass roots achievements. The Foundation does such good work at all levels of the game and provides grants for a wide range of needs. This report, along with the financial data, highlights where the money is spent.

Photography by Dave Lewis and Stuart Roy Clarke was commissioned especially for this document and is a mix of reportage, portrait and candid.


Information pack

A folder and set of 11 double sided information cards, each on a different topic of the funding areas the Football Foundation works within. They are sent out or given out at events in order to let ‘grass routes’ organisations know what they can apply for. Grant application forms and an application pack follows from an enquiry.

Application forms

A selection of application forms for applying for different grants. All forms are colour codes and relate to the information insets of the information pack. The application forms are designed with the form on the right hand side and the information needed for each section on the left hand side in order to make the whole process as easy as possible. Small pictograms also show whet documentation is required or what page the applicant needs to refer to in the Application Pack.

Grass roots grant application pack

A guide to applying for a grant and an enclosing folder for the Application Pack and relevant Application Forms