Development Programme and Annual Report

An annual publication highlighting the work done at grass roots level around the world for the International Tennis Federation.

Topics covers include training camps and centre news, travel and facility grant information as well as a run down on world regional ITF Development Officers.

The report is designed to be accessible and easy to read and digest with a mix of text, charts, squared up and cut out images and colour. It has a more ‘editorial’ feel than a dry report.

Ocean produced this report for three years running always building on the style, look and feel of the previous to provide consistency and clarity.

Davis and Fed Cup souviner magazines

The brief
Create a new look and feel for the Fed Cup and Davis Cup magazines to showcase the competitions and their values of team spirit, national pride, passion in playing for your country and skill on court.

The solution
Through the use of very good photography, a vibrant and varied colour palette and considered juxtaposition of images we were able to create an engaging and exciting magazine to reflect the objectives.

A mix of images of teams, individual players, team captains, fans with country colours and flags, and noisy partisan crowds watching all helped in showcasing each match to its full potential and gave the viewer a sense of what the atmosphere was actually like. The magazine also becomes more than what it set out to be as it was designed in a way to be a souvenir keepsake.